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Creativity runs deep

…within us. It manifests through our musical fingertips, creating new neural pathways, propelling our passion into every undertaking.   


We focus on marrying new digital technologies and contemporary sounds with the richness of classical music and the world of acoustic music. Alongside creating music for feature films, shorts, documentaries and theatre plays, we’ve also released our own singles and albums. Throughout our adulthood we’ve worked on diverse musical projects such as poetry set to music, folk and ethnic scores, symphonic music and even death metal!


With more than twenty years’ experience in both film and TV music composition and production, we have the expertise to produce any style imaginable.
We also specialise in sound design, sonorism and music effects.

We firmly believe film music is far more than a mere set of tracks ordered. A good soundtrack never competes with the picture, rather, it develops as the story unfolds, enhancing and pushing it forward. The magic happens only through close collaboration and communication with the filmmakers.

We can compose that flawless soundtrack for your next project; film, commercial or trailer. Our combined knowledge and experience means that we can deliver much more than you’d expect – original ideas, ingenious solutions and amazing results.

Are you a filmmaker who is looking to hire a composer? If you believe a great soundtrack is more than just a professionally-delivered product, and our message here resonates, we invite you to take this journey with us. Your film is more than yet another product on the market. Let’s tell your story together.

Some will have known us as Slav Music, under which name each of us worked as a composer and film music producer for many years; but our love for storytelling enticed us to branch out and change to the more appropriate Slav Media. So far, we have several film projects in the stage of development, including three feature documentaries, a TV series and two shorts. Alongside we have lots more ideas waiting to be developed.

Browse the website to get to know us more, and we’ll be here, waiting to answer any questions.

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Please, kindly note that we do not accept unsolicited material. Should you submit unsolicited suggestions, information or ideas, you acknowledge that your submission may contain content which is the same or similar to ideas that have already been developed by us, and will be treated as non-exclusive, non-confidential and irrevocable.

© All music tracks and scores on this website are registered with BIEM/ZAiKS and are the property of Slav Media Ltd.

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